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The art of Manipulation............ Xtreme style!


Here ya' go.......... mild to wild, and everything in between.

Forward grip partials Balance rolls
Backhand partials Screwdrivers - closed
Vertical basic 1/2 Pivots - open
Slides - closed Bite handle opening
Rockers - closed Vertical opening 2- Inside
Quick & Quiet-opening Backhand basic 2
Horizontal - basic Rolls - closed
Windmills Vertical pass
Backhand - basic Flip-slide pass
Half pass- open
Latch drop Full pivots - In & Out
Pivot pass - full circle Rockers 3
Backhand pass Half pivot-roll back
Flip-slide pass Backhand windmills 2
Open rolls Table tops - closed
Flip outs Basic twirl
Screwslides Basic Twirl Vertical
Helicopters Flip out roll
Backhand Windmill 1 Backhand to Forward grip pass
Finger Stretch Fanning
Pivot flip drill Finger twirl switch
Double Flip Windmill Backhand circle
Backhand Pass under Back Pivot pass
Backhand Open pass Motion pass
Palm rotations- Horiz. Snap partial
Palm rotations- Vert. 1 handle pass
Backhand pivot pass Backhand flip out opening
Backhand same handle pass False Forward grip opening
Horizontal 2- variation False Forward grip 2
Latch handle start False Backhand opening
Finger twirl Windmill opening
Static throw Vert. throw to backhand catch
Motion throw Backhand throw (forward) to forward grip catch
Motion vert. throw pass Bite handle twirl
Mega-pivots- inside Backhand Twirl
Mega-pivots- outside Backhand to Forward grip throw
Table tops- open Rollover
Helicopters 2- backhand Rollover Opening
Full Twirl- Horiz. Full Finger twirl throw
Full Twirl- Vert. Backhand reverse throw
Backhand to Forward grip twirl Finger twirl throw 2
Pivot rolls Ricochet / twirl drill
Backhand Twirl pass Rollover opening 2
Twirl pass - leading Y2K rollover
Twirl pass - Trailing Xtreme rocker drills
Latch handle start to backhand closed Xtreme Table top
Backhand around Backhand flip out twirl
Hyper drops 1 Thumb rollover
Hyper drops 2 Forward grip open to Backhand open throw
Backhand Hyper drop throw over. Outside-In rollover
Full circle pivot throw Rollover Pass throw open
Backhand over throw Rollover Pass twirl open
Backhand over throw pass Static throw, twirl to Backhand open
Static vert. throw pass  
Double Balisong     
Backhand Windmill/throw pass drill 2
Horizontal machinegun Vertical machine gun drill
Vertical Horizontal machinegun 2
Pivots- inside 2 in 1 exercise 1
Pivots - outside 2 in 1 exercise 2
Pivots - opposing 2 in 1 exercise 3
Double Throw pass 2 in 1 exercise 4
Windmills Half pivot pass
Windmills 2 Full Pivot pass
Double full twirls Double Hyper 1
Hyper Juggles Double Hyper 2
Static throw drills 2 into 1 throw
Static throw drills 2 2 into 1 throw 2
Motion throws 2 into 1 throw 3
Windmill/throw pass drill
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