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Kydex sheaths

Kydex plastic is quickly becoming the material of choice for knife and tool carry these days. And it's easy to see why.

Kydex is tough, weather proof, water proof, easy to clean, and, in most cases allows for multiple positioning options. Combine that with a snug fit and easy one handed re-sheath, and you have the ideal set-up.

Xtreme Sheath-Works specializes in Balisong rigs, but we also make sheaths for Folders, Fixed blades and Multi-tools. Got something special in mind?? Contact us for an estimate!

Sheaths are available now for the following Balisongs:

~ Benchmade model 42, 43, 44, 45, 47 and other BM models with the narrow handle type and hidden pins.

~ MicroTech Tachyon

~ Darryl Ralph's Gemini (skeleton handled)
~ Cold Steel Arc Angel

~ Jaguar sheaths are available for two different models, the one seen below in the KnifeZilla advertisement (DF-201 or HC-23) and it's sister with the plastic inserts (DF-200 or HC-25).

~ Advanced Tech (SWAT) Tiger, Brass or Aluminum handled.

~ BEAR 114 models. Coming soon, 116, 113.

~ The Pacific style Balisong.

~ We also have an ever expanding selection of "Made in China" Balis. E-mail to see if we have your model. If we don't have it now, we'll get it.

********** Dealer inquiries welcome. ***********

(Ask about our discount for quantities of a dozen or more.)

Shoulder Rigs:
Suspender type double harness!- $60 (includes 2 Balisong sheaths)

Also available without sheaths $50

(click here for side view)

Single sling type (includes 1 Balisong sheath)- $40

Also available without sheaths $35

Picture not yet available
(click link for larger picture)

In the Pocket - $20
Stands the Balisong vertically in your pocket. Slight bend in the out-rigger conforms to your thigh, and leaves no noticeable imprint from the outside.

Left or right side, and forward or back of pocket adjustable.

(Shown with the Advanced Tech Tiger model.)

In the Waistband -

Keeps the Balisong inside the waist of your pants, allowing only about an inch sticking out. Great for quick Latch drop type openings.
Also available with spring steel clip for "in the pocket" carry. (add $2, please specify when ordering)

(Shown with the BM-42)

In the Waistband -

Same set-up as above, shown with the Jaguar Balisong.

(also available for the Advanced Tech Tiger, Tachyon)

Basic Horizontal-

Basic horizontal set-up. Can be used on right or left side, and can be worn latch forward or back. Comes with "J" clip for easy on and off the belt.

Sheath recesses into the clip cavity allowing you to clip the rig securely on sweat pants, shorts, or jeans without a belt.

Basic Horizontal-

Same as above, shown with the Advanced Tech Tiger.

(also available for the BM-42)

Inverted "V" - $35

Double Balisong - Worn on belt, behind. Features split belt clip to retain position, easy off/on.

Double Horizontal - $35

Double Balisong - Worn on belt, behind. Features split belt clip to retain position, easy off/on.

Deluxe belt - $25
Multi-position, extra forward eyelet for possible neck wear (though bigger than a regular neck sheath), or shoulder harness. Includes Tec-Loc belt clip.

(Also available for other models not shown)

Neck - $15

Worn around neck- includes Para-cord. Slim profile, easy access.

Can also be used as a friction sheath with the cord wrapped around your car visor, through your belt loops (hanging down), or almost anywhere else you can think of.

Custom sheaths are also available for Fixed blades, folders, and multi-tools.
(See a few examples below)

****E-mail me for more information.****

~ To order, send E-mail to: slice@balisongxtreme.com

Include: Name, Shipping address, Model & quantities wanted, and method of payment.

~ Pay-Pal and Money Orders accepted.

~ All domestic orders add $4 for USPS priority Mail.

Xtreme sheath-works infamous Kydex Balisong sheaths are also available at:
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