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Here are some of my favorite places to visit when I'm surfing the web. There are Balisong info sites, knife FAQ's, Martial Arts sites, and some great forums.


Balisong sites Martial Arts
Balisongcollector.com Don Rearic
The Balisong Times Phil Elmore
The Balisong Video Archive Gutterfighting
Susan's Balisong page James Keating
Balisong Fans page Martial arts world
Balisong.net Blackbelt mag
Balisong.com EJMAS
Custom Balisong makers Forums
Maierblades.com Bladeforums.com
Dobruski Benchmade forums
Daryl Ralph Defend.net
Charles Marlowe Self Defense forum
Knife Forums.com
Spyderco forums
  Close combat
Blade FAQ's Misc. info
Sharpening Bernard Levine's page
Blade Geometry AKTI - American knife and tool institute
Steel Knife and Sword books 
Serrated -vs- Plain Lots of Filipino info in here 
Blade Coatings Philippine trade directory
Blood Grooves  
Martial Arts- stick, knife, JKD Martial Arts- Grappling, MMA
Art of the Blade Ultimate jujitsu
Hamilton Martial Arts Jiu-jitsu.net
PFS Gracie Academy
Dragon Society International BJJ.org
Bakbakan International On the mat
Sayoc Kali Roy Harris
Kelly Worden's NSI MMA TV
Doce Pares Eskrima Site Sherdog
Ramirez's Tacosa Serrada Escrima The grinding shop
JKD unlimited UFC TV
Contemporary Fighting Arts
Alliance Martial Arts
Archangel Martial Arts
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