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Long time no see.......

First of all, I must appologize to everyone for not being around here (or in the forums) much lately. Things have been beyond crazy for me the last few months (new job, personal issues, etc.), but hopefully things will be easing up soon. If you sent e-mail and got no response, don't take it personally. I still wasn't completely caught up from when the storm took out my Internet service. In other words, try again.

Also....... In case you hadn't noticed yet, I shut down the Xtreme sheath-works project. It was quite a blast and though I enjoyed the work, I couldn't keep up with everything on my own. I may still do a few things in the future and offer them up on this page though, so make sure you check back every now and again.

Anyway, Thanx to all who helped support the project. I sincerely hope you enjoy your rigs and they serve you well for years to come. Which brings me to the..........

Up coming project: Now that I can concentrate on why I put this site up in the first place, heres whats in the pipe. I just started taping segments for a collection of VCD (video CD) "Master Classes" that should help clear up some of the most common questions I get in e-mail (which will hopefully help cut down my e-mail volume). Each one will focus on breaking down and simplifying a particular subject.

Right now I have the following volumes planned:
  • Basics for Newbies
  • Finger exercises
  • Aerials
  • Rollovers
  • Passing
  • Double Bali

If you think of any other subjects that need more "in depth" coverage, just let me know.

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