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Basic twirl 2


Download an AVI of the technique here.

Preview the Technique here with the smaller GIF file.

step 1
1. Start in the Forward grip, closed position. Safe handle into your palm.

step 2
2. Begin the move with a modified Horizontal type opening, but instead of sending the bite handle out to the side, it's going to come over and down.

step 3

step 4
4. Before the ricochet........ Insert your Index finger to the area just above the Thumb.

step 5
5. Ricochet

step 6

step 7
7. Second ricochet.

At the moment of ricochet, pull the Thumb out.......

step 8
8. ............ and around to the other side, and scissor with the Index and Middle fingers to bring the handle over.

step 9

step 10
10. Torque your wrist over a little to speed up the movement.

step 11
11. Finish in the Backhand grip, open position.

step 12
12. To close, let the bite handle fall away and downward, while pulling your Ring finger and Pinky in toward your palm.

step 13
13. Continue the rotation up and.......

step 14

step 15
15........ over the top of the Index finger.

Notice the turning over of the wrist in the last 4 steps.

step 15
16. Push down with your Ring finger and Pinky to send the handles back.........

step 15
17............... insert the Index finger behind the handle.

step 15
18. Now roll through with the Index and Middle fingers while pulling the Ring finger and Pinky out of the way.

step 15
19. Continue over and down......

step 15
20. Ricochet back up to........

step 15

step 15
22. .....the Forward grip, closed position,