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Flip out

Here's another way to get from forward grip, to backhand, with a flick of the wrist.

Download an AVI of the technique here.

Preview the Technique here with the smaller GIF file.

step 1
1. Start in the backhand grip, open position. Turn your wrist into the body a little.

step 2
2. Bring the index and middle fingers around the handle, just above the thumb, and.........

step 3
3. ......in the same motion, flick the wrist forward and clear the thumb out of the way.

step 4
4. To add stability to the finish, "plant" the thumb directly opposite the index finger, just above the ring finger.

step 5
5. To return, bring the middle, ring finger, and pinky around the handle and.........

step 6
6. ....push forward with the middle, ring finger, and pinky, while pulling the wrist back and clearing the thumb.

step 7

step 8
8. .....and you're back in the starting position.

With a little practice you'll be able to go from, say, a forward stab, to a stab behind you, in the blink of an eye.