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This strength exercise also doubles as a transition, in that it will allow you to easily "orient" the cutting edge of the blade when open. Great confidence builder as well.

Download an AVI of the technique here.

Preview the Technique here with the smaller GIF file.

step 1
1. The movement is executed just as it sounds, like you're turning a screwdriver.

step 2
2. For best results, place the thumb and index finger directly opposing, on the backs of their respective handles (the other fingers work as guides to keep the Balisong in place).......

step 3
3. ........ and snap them in opposite directions.

step 4
4. When done correctly, your fingers should end up on the sides of the handles.

step 5

step 6
6. Rotate in both directions......

step 7

step 8

step 9
9......as well as changing ends. You'll find it's a little easier to execute with the latch at the top (on tapered models, like basic Skeleton handle)....... adjust your technique accordingly.

step 10

step 11

step 12

You will notice the true benefits of this exercise when done with the Balisong open. I practice a slash exercise, where I'll slash from, say, right to left.... snap the screwdriver (blade is now facing the other way), and quickly slash in the opposite direction.

I usually practice the closed version of this exercise while in my car driving to work......just an example of how you can work your Bali while doing something else.