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Thumb rollover 2

Here is another rollover move for those wanting to "push their luck". Go slow with this one. It's very easy to end up grabbing the blade and getting a major cut. The Ring finger is at the most risk. Trust me!

Download an AVI of the technique here.

Preview the Technique here with the smaller GIF file.

 step 1
1. Start in the Backhand grip, closed position.

 step 2
2. Bring the bite handle up, as if executing a basic Windmill opening.

 step 3

 step 4
4. As the bite handle comes over, stick your Thumb tip in as close to the pivot point as possible.

 step 5
5. Roll (don't throw) the handles over.

 step 6

 step 7

 step 8
8. As the safe handle comes around, close your fingers a little to stop it.

 step 9
9. end in a Forward grip, open position.

 step 10

Make sure to keep the connection between the Thumb and Balisong as the handles roll over. You don't want this move to be a throw.