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Finger twirl/Ricochet

This is more of an exercise in getting your fingers out of the way (or "cleared") than anything else. It's also a great timing and dexterity builder for your fingers and wrists.

Download an AVI of the technique here.

Preview the Technique here with the smaller GIF file.

 step 1
1. Once again, the example shown starts in the open position.

 step 2
2. Clear the Index finger, and send the blade and bite handle out.

 step 3

 step 4
4. Ricochet off of the Middle finger.

 step 5
5. Notice the finger positioning.

 step 6

 step 7
7. Ricochet off of the Index finger, and slide the Thumb around to the side of the safe handle that the Middle finger is on. Position it just below.

 step 8
8. As you bring the handle around again......

 step 9
9. Clear the Middle finger and allow the Thumb to take it's place on the handle.

 step 10
10. This puts you in the backhand position, coming around to close.

 step 11
11. Ricochet off of the Thumb, sending the handle back in the other direction.

 step 12
12. When they do pass, straighten the Ring finger and Pinky and continue the roll between the Middle and Index fingers.

 step 13

 step 14
14. Ricochet again.................

 step 15
15............. into the other direction. Allow the safe handle to continue through as you switch the Index finger around to the other side of the handle.

step 15
16. Allow the handle to continue around, rolling between the Index and Middle fingers.

step 15
17. Clear the Thumb and slide it around to the other side of the safe handle

step 15

step 15
19. Which brings you around to ricochet into.........

step 15

step 15
21............ the forward grip, open position.

 This move should also be practiced in the closed position as it has a different feel to it.

The AVI linked at the upper left, shows this technique from the side view. It might be a better angle to see whats going on.