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Finger twirl pass


A same handle pass hitting "head on", reversing the motion into a Backhand opening.

Download an AVI of the technique here.

Preview the Technique here with the smaller GIF file.

 step 1
1.Start in the Forward grip, closed position.

 step 2
2. Begin by executing a Horizontal basic opening.

 step 3

 step 4

 step 5

 step 6
6. After the ricochet that would lead into the open position, move the catching hand into position.

 step 7
7. The catching hand should be positioned with the Index finger extending straight forward, and the Middle, Ring finger, and Pinky tucked in toward the palm.

 step 8

 step 9
9. As the Bite handle comes over the top, execute a Same handle pass.

 step 10
10.At this point, the back of the safe handle is against the inside of the Index finger and against the the knuckles of the other three fingers.

 step 11
11. As the Bite handle ricochets, straighten the Middle, Ring finger, and Pinky and turn the wrist over.

 step 12
12.Safe handle should be between the Index and Middle fingers.

 step 12
13.Ricochet off of the palm heel.......

 step 12

 step 12

 step 12
15....... and pull it up into the Backhand open position.